I am Jennifer. Wife, mother and a proud house wife. I have 2 kids a daughter and a son. You can know more about me by reading about myself on the homepage.

I was healthy and had ideal weight & body few years ago. But responsibility of home chores and specially managing two kids is a hefty job. Like I had no time for me to maintain my health and weight.

So these teeny tiny things along with laziness and careless attitude towards my health plays devastating role on my obesity. One day I was just checking my new outfit and I noticed in the mirror that this is not Jennifer which I know, this is someone else or in fact not human but drum of fat.

And that day I make a commitment that I will change for good and will shed the extra weight and bring the old Jennifer back.

I tried different exercises, workout programs, diet regimes and full fledged fitness programs but I didn’t noticed any concrete change, One day my hubby suggested me 28 day keto challenge and I tried it and then the real change starts to happen.

One thing! I must appreciate the help of my husband in the entire journey. He motivated me, even he made me Meals and Dinners based on the keto diet which we know in that challenge.

Well as you know I have tried lot of things but haven’t recommend anything to anyone else but I am recommending this 28 day Keto Challenge because I got results from that program.

For more information about 28 Day Keto Challenge, Please visit this site OR you can read my full review here.

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